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The beautiful spiral galaxy NGC 406 was discovered in 1834 by John Herschel.
The beautiful spiral galaxy NGC 406 was discovered in 1834 by John Herschel. Located some 65 million light-years away, in the southern constellation of Tucana (the Toucan), NGC 406 is about 60 000 light-years across, roughly half the diameter of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Credit:ESA/Hubble & NASA


The Society publishes a regular journal - The Speculum, which is sent out twice a year to all members. The price for non-members is $4.00. The contents page of the current issue can be seen here.

The Speculum Editor, Prof. Francis Ring is always looking for suitable articles to publish in future editions  and invites potential contributors to contact him either by e-mail or by telephone on 01225 864016

The Society publishes a number of books and monographs and also undertakes the reprinting of titles that are of interest to members of the Society.

An inexpensive series of booklets, mostly written by Sir Patrick Moore, on the Herschel family are published for the Herschel House Trust. All the Springer Practical Astronomy & Space Science titles are available.All can be purchased through the museum online bookshop.

A limited edition of an original copperplate engraving of Sir William Herschel together with a certificate of provenance is available through the bookshop.